To ensure a governance structure that is based in community representation, the Regional Leadership Training Program (RLTP) was created. The goal of the program is to develop a pool of qualified, educated and prepared Metis and Inuit candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for Metis organizations including regionally appropriate Metis and Inuit Child and Family Services Agencies.

RLTP members are appointed by the Manitoba Metis Federation Regional Vice Presidents (4 members) and the Metis Women of Manitoba Board of Directors (1 member per region). Training relevant to leadership, Board governance and child welfare in Manitoba is facilitated by the Metis Child and Family Services Authority. RLTP members are not responsible for reporting to any individual or organization. The Metis Child and Family Services Authority is the reporting body.

RLTP members appoint from among themselves, individuals to sit on the Board of Directors. Appointment terms for Directors are staggered to ensure continuity of leadership for the Agency.

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